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Dear Diary, 💓💜February 14, 1985💕💖

I started wearing a bra on the 12th. I got what I wanted. We had our volleyball tournament or game today. We won! The trophy is nice. Blah Blah has it for two weeks then I have it for two weeks and so on. We won 3 games out of 3. As soon as Blah Blah found out I was wearing a bra then she said that she better wear one! I don't mind. By the way Happy Valentine's Day! I got some earrings and a box of chocolates from my Mom and Dad.

Love Crystal

Let's do this again.... (2nd draft)


And, I truly mean that. I have a question. How do you feel about this day? In my previous post about it, you know that I ❤️ it. Why? because it was always a day full of positivity and giving for me. That has been my experience. Whether I had a boyfriend or not. In school, everyone gave each other valentine's. You gave them to your friends, your teachers, your Mom and Dad,....or at least that's how it was when I was a kid.

In all of my days, even if I wasn't dating someone, I celebrated Valentine's Day! My Mom and Dad always gave me chocolates or something, I would give my bestie's flowers and cards etc. It was, and continues to be, a day of celebrating LOVE. I believe that we are all essentially love. I know... a little deep for some. However that love comes through is perfect and beautiful. We should be able to shout our love from the rooftops 📣 ❤️ for our loved ones. I don't believe that we have to put a side note explanation after posting about our love. Like, if I post on Instagram today the flowers and card that Ken gave me (which I did), I do not have to write a caption below it explaining that I realize not everyone loves this day etc. I do not have to explain my love. I do not have to defend my love.

If someone does not enjoy this day, that is for them. Lots of people don't like alot of days 🤷🏻‍♀️ for different reasons. Whether they choose to ask themselves why they are letting this day ruin their moment or not.... that is up to them. We all have our walls to break down and Valentine's is one of those walls for some people. People do not have to celebrate Valentine's day, but the people that do enjoy celebrating it should not feel shamed for splattering it all over Instagram or Facebook, or what have you! I realize 100% that mental health is everything, and I say that from personal experience. I know that, for me, if I am taking something personally, it is a chance to heal because it is telling me something is off within my soul and that I have a chance to change my perceptions and feelings. That being said, if I choose to post something loving and positive and it makes someone feel sad or angry or whatever feeling, I hope that they ask themselves why they would be taking it personally and why it makes them feel bad and maybe start to heal something within themselves.

From reading through some of the Valentine's posts on Instagram this morning I had a feeling of "why can't people just post about their love anymore?" Without a disclaimer. Without a side note to let everyone know that you aren't being selfish, that you realize that some people don't like Valentine's and it may stir up crappy feelings for them. It's almost like when you post something about love that you have to apologize for the post because we don't want to hurt someone else's feelings. That's fucked up. Love, real love, authentic love will never do harm. Sure, there are posts that may not be 100% authentic, they may be looking for attention, they may be posting to get back at someone who's wronged them., etc. But I have faith that the majority of posts about love are coming from true place. And this world can always, always use more love.

So post that sappy, sloppy, droolfilled 🤤, heartfelt, delicious love if you want to! And feel no shame!! And do it not just on this day but everyday! For to love each other, is what we are all here for. That is the purpose of your human form, here on this planet. I'm tellin' ya.

K. Gotta go get ready for our date!!!!!!! So super excited to get out!!!!!! Might even shave my legs....😃. Happy Valentine's Day my loves! ❤️. Love the shit out of the day and whomever your with!!! 🤘🏻😜

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Angela Bond-White
Angela Bond-White
Feb 18, 2021

Love 💕 Love 💗 Love ❤️

Feb 19, 2021
Replying to

Love you!!!

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