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What? Shut up. Life IS good.

Even if it isn't. Right now. You have eyeballs to see this. You have some sort of technological device. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Ooooooof. We sure make life harder than it needs to be don't we? I mean. Hold up. It is well advised to analyze your life at times and take a step back and say....whhhhhhaaaat fuckery is this before me? So you can slow that train wreck down. AND THERE'S THIS....... YOU'VE MADE IT THIS FAR!!! Maybe you pick off tomorrow but maybe you come back as THE most awesomest version of you that you can think of. And maybe it's not even a human. Maybe you're a bird! Maybe you're a shark 😳.

My point. I have one. I think. Yes....It really does come down to how you take life in. Life is gonna happen. SHIT IS GONNA HAPPEN PEOPLE! It ALWAYS WILL. There will not be a SHAZAM day in the future where FUCKITYBLAM ⚡️it all comes together and some THORlike beautiful God comes and taps you on your head with his hammerwand and says "you now will have that ever elusive peace that you've been relentlessly searching for".

There are SOOOOO many things we use as excuses to not live our best lives. I do it daily. Whether you are a new momma who is using all of her energy towards her baby and probably other children and probably towards keeping the marriage alive OR maybe you are a peri-menopausal butterfly 🦋 who is fed up with periods and the daunting UPHILL task of staying healthy. We all keep that perfect lusciousness of our being under the surface. Just under that layer. That layer that is thick. Thick from building it up with all of the things that we think everyone else thinks we should be. And do you know why we do this? Because we have been told since we were babes that we aren't good enough. That we need to be this way or that way. That is why. It's been going on since the beginning of time. And we all do it to each other. None of us are special in that we haven't suggested someone be or do something else because it would suit US better. And some may have not come to that realization yet. But that is not what I'm writing about tonight anyways. That's a whole nuther ball of waxy.

But, listen Linda's. We can start to poke holes through that layer of shite. And you know how we do that? By remembering the things that make us feel alive. First, before that. Remembering that you are a completely whole individual. One who did things on their own. And maybe you've forgotten that you CAN do things on your own. Maybe, you were a married right out of diapers kinda gal/guy but you DID do things on your own before you melded with someone for a night, or a couple of months or decades. You were someone who KNEW what made you feel alive inside.

So, you ponder 🤔 for a bit and think back to what those things were for you. Was it drawing in your sketchbook? Was it singing into your hairbrush in the front window? (I could see my reflection). Was it milking that cow? Was it collecting the stamps? Was it wearing all of the cool 80's eyeliner shades? Was it babysitting? Was it skipping school to eat delicious antipasto? There were things. And when you choose one. Just one to start. You stab that layer with a pin prick and the light shines through. And then you choose another and the light gets brighter. Until one day there is more bright than dark. And you feel like you are coming home to yourself.

But you do have to choose. You cannot complain about your life when you are choosing to keep what you love under that layer. Sorry, but you are the one who put the layers there in the first place. In the beginning, you did not know any better. But you do now. And like I said in the beginning. Life is always gonna have SHIT. It will not stop. What needs to happen is that you become aware enough to karate chop that shit when it comes at ya. No but seriously. You have to become aware that you are layering.

Everyone has their unique path on this earth. And it is not for me to say when or that you should wake up. but. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!! I'm also shouting this at myself.

One of the things that delivers bliss straight to my heart is music 🎶. I go to concerts by myself. Sometimes because no one else can/or wants to come but sometimes because I just need to rock out by myself 🤘🏻😜 I also want to say one of the best memories I have of music is when Shea and I went to Motley Cruë last summer. I FELT SO ALIVE. Music does that for me. What does it for you?

As Hot Chocolate says "Every 1's a Winner"


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Sep 07, 2023
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What a perfect reminder that Life is meant to be Lived. ✨Thank you for sharing and keeping it real. 😘Miss U 💞


Sep 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


Sep 04, 2023
Replying to

Thank you :)

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