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I'm back... again 😜🤘🏻 Comin' to you from La Boquilla, Columbia!!!

I don't know what I'm doing. Seriously. I love writing but I don't have a specific genre that "they" say you should have. But l will let you in on a personal secret...I love Mel Robbins. Maybe one day my words will come through a microphone 🎤🤷🏻‍♀️ For now, I'm not using the diary as the basis for writing this blog. Today, right now, I am using this blog to write about my spiritual journey. I almost don't like those words.... they seem so cliché.

How about the journey of peeling away the layers that I have piled upon myself throughout the years? I think I have had a pretty good start on the outer layers. Like the white onions you buy in Safeway 🧅😭 The ones with the crusty yellow, dirt covered layer. That layer is gross. Even after you've peeled it off some of the bits still end up in the pot...... But they are softer at least. They aren't as crunchy anymore. I crack myself up.

Will it be so bad if all I do whilst we are here is drink Corona's/rosé while I write about random shit? It's funny because this is the first time I have brought my laptop with me on our trips. And I feel like a digital nomad. Although I'm not getting paid for what I'm doing........YET 😉 And to be honest I don't know exactly what a digital nomad does. I think they travel the world and get paid while they are travelling for whatever job they can do from their computer. Am I right?

So..... Do you wanna hear about our trip???? Well, if you follow my instagram you may recall that it didn't start out so WONDERFUL. Almost missed our flight from Toronto to Cartagena. Won't go over it again but note to self (Ken), read ALL requirements to enter said destination country. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Ya I threw him under the bus. I can do that. We've been married for 25 years. He's my fall guy. Love you.....

OK so let's get the WHAT THE FUCK WOULD YOU GO TO COLUMBIA FOR? out of the way. One word. WIND.

Our goal is to one day live abroad for most of the year. Somewhere that we will both enjoy. So.... it definitely has to have wind for Ken to kite and a cool vibe for me to chill and write. So we search. We were headed to Brazil this year but after looking closer at it the wind is not the prime at this time of the year and this is the time of the year we DO NOT want to be in Grande Prairie 🤪. So we said what the hell let's try Columbia, their wind is great all year round and we can have a sit down and chat about life with Juan Valdez ☕️ I would ask him "why is your coffee so great? WHAT do you put in it?" 😉

For Ken and I we are "aware" of where we are going. We would never go somewhere we don't think we would be safe. I'm gonna say it.... you can get coke/shot/put in jail in Grande Prairie. But Columbia is hotter and prettier 🏝☀️. Everyone has a different comfort level of travel. We have been to many countries that have the "higher" threat level perceived by the world. So we naturally have just become "more" aware of our surroundings. Although, we still catch ourselves in situations where we may be too "over cautious" and too "judgemental". Like when we were in Panama last year and we had to leave our rental vehicle with some fella's, where it was parked down a back alley for a week. We thought we were never gonna see those wheels again. But alas, our fears where unfounded and the vehicle was fine. Today, we had to bargain for a palapa at the beach. We were told not to pay more than 20,000 columbian pesos for it. I gave him a 50,000 bill and we agreed via sign language that we would pay 30,000. And I wanted my change. Gotta brush up on my Columbian sign language, note to self. Well, it was about 1/2 hour before he brought our change... but he did!

That's what travel teaches me. To get my head out of my ass. To trust.

And to shave my toes (daily).

🤘🏻🤪🤘🏻 Buenos tardes!

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