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How Are You All Doing Today?

I hope this post finds you all enjoying your lives. Genuinely, I mean that.

I have some days off for a bit and have been/will be reading/reflecting/analyzing like I usually do. Now, for some, when they read "analyzing" I realize that they may perceive that as a negative word. But for me, analyzing leads me to discover or reveal something about my life that usually points me to a calmer and more peaceful being.

There are those of us, who, (cough, cough.. Ken) can beautifully look at the world from a place of simplicity, most of the time 😉. But for others, 🙋🏻‍♀️, we have so much crap that we have let build around our souls, that, in order to find that place of simplicity, we have to reflect on why we respond to life the way we do... so that we can change it if that is what we wish.

When I read through all of the inspirational posts on my Instagram feed in the mornings it starts my day off on a positive note. I really have curated my feed to show me only inspirational info! Social media, really, snapchat and Instagram for me personally, is such an important part of my well being. I keep in touch with the people that I love through them and I am inspired to think about life through different perspectives through them also.

I love my quiet mornings with my coffee, lemon water, Instagram and snapchat convo's ❤️. And sometimes when Ken is home with me in the mornings... we sit together on the couch and do our own things, but just being near each other is such a wonderful thing.

After my couple of pots of coffee, ☕️ I then feel like I can do the day. Whether it is the caffeine (which I am never giving up btw), the inspirational words, the sunshine through the window, the quietness of the morning or ALL of them that ignites my day, it doesn't matter because it works! And what works for me will be different for someone else. I would love to hear how you all create your mornings to spark your days! I know that some days don't feel very sparky... I'm not talking bout those little f'ers... 😁. Some days... the day just takes off in a direction without our consent...

If I could work from home, I would. Because I thrive from here. Just gotta think of a way 🧐. When you read posts that say "notice where you are, who you are around when you feel your best", I feel my best in my house, writing, with my family coming and going, where I can get on the treadmill if I feel like it, and make great recipes if I feel like it. See...... reflecting does wonders for me.

K. Gotta go get ready to meet my wonderful husband for brunch 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

P.S. - the same husband who reminded me that in my last blog, at the end I said I was going to shovel, and I didn't. He reminded me that I should be true to my blog and what I say..... funny guy. 😁

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