Happy Day Everyone!!!! 😃💃🏻🥂

I did not have a diary entry from 1985 today but I thought I would take the opportunity to write about something that came up in my thoughts today while pondering what to actually write about 😛. I actually was writing about something else but this topic came up and now I want to write about it instead!! Just goin' with the writing flow..... 🤘🏻(remember from my previous Instagram posts that this sign is a good sign, google Black Sabbath and grandmother) 🤘🏻😜

I was first drawn to the word worship today while I was drafting. Then worship worked itself into... thoughts of pure presence. The Presence that we feel when we are in contact with any human being that we may come across today. Let's play a game of Have You Ever?..... The G rated version. Have you ever........ been in someone's company and felt like they were 100% in? Like they were only there in that moment to be with you, to listen without judgement and that nothing else mattered to them but YOU, in THAT moment. Did you feel like you mattered? I have had these moments. I must say, I'm not sure if there is ANYTHING better in this world than that exact feeling. And on the other end of that.... being blessed to be there for someone, witnessing their life is such an honor. Witnessing whatever it is that they may be feeling and talking about at the moment is such a gift. This life is so short. It really is. Stop what you are doing for a moment. And put into perspective just how fast your life will fly by. How many funerals have you been to?

Whether the people were old or young or middle aged.... I bet they didn't think they had all of the time in the world. To do whatever, to love whomever, to BE whomever. I know there are moments when we have all felt the urge to do something because we realized for 2-3 minutes that we are going to die. One day. Especially when we may have been at one of our friend's funerals who were the same age as us...... For a moment, we all talk about the friend that passed... we drink at the bar later telling stories about our moments together, we laugh, we cry and we SWEAR that we are going to be more present. In. Every. Moment. From. Now. On. Right??? I can attest to this.

wow.. got off on another moon beam there.... back to presence. Let's all be kind to each other. Let's all remember that each person we meet in our every day, is a human, just like us. This human has the same capabilities of looking 👌🏻 on the outside as we do. Like us, they would love someone to just BE there. To witness. And not just the "crappy" parts but the AWESOME parts! Since when has it become such a bad thing to rejoice in the wonderful parts of our lives? By sharing the wonderful parts we create a ripple effect..... BE THE LIGHT. Because essentially WE ARE THE LIGHT. Break your body down to the scientific actual bits.... and you will find ENERGY. LIGHT!!! ⭐️💫.

If you need the scientific facts to justify sharing your light..... google it. You are energy. You are light.

My point is today.... when you can remember to be present with people, try to be. Look into their eyes... don't look at your phone... don't look at the hot guy walking by.... don't look at the dork riding a moose.... (this happens). The way we heal ourselves and

others is by being there for people. And even if you don't have words that you think you should say to make them feel better, just being, just listening. IS enough. More than enough actually. It is what we are supposed to do.

I've got to go grab another mimosa. Cheers 🤘🏻😜

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