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Ding Ding.... Happiness

Whatever it is that is floating around in my aura today, I like it. Skye informed me that Mercury was out of retrograde the other day..., that could be it. It could be that my iron levels are finally getting better, that could be it. It could be that the weather is changing, that could be it too. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I had an insightful moment for myself this morning, regardless of why it came upon me. So yesterday, I was chatting with my bestie posse again and asked them what they thought about a certain post that I had come across from a fella that I have followed for a long time. He is very inspiring at times. The message of the post is not what I want to talk about today though... What I realized about myself today is that, I have been searching for an absolute answer. A one way truth to peace. I search for someone to connect the dots that resonates with me.

I get frustrated because I totally follow someone's information and beliefs and think that they "get it", that they have figured it out! And then I will come across someone else who I resonate with BUT they don't believe what the other person that I follow believes! Are you following? It's kinda hard to explain in words...

So the question to my besties was, Do you believe in positive affirmations and positive thinking? Do you believe that your thoughts manifest your life? Do you believe that you can actually heal your body physically from your thoughts? (Dr. Joe Dispenza). Or Do you believe that accepting life, and just being with what comes at you from a self awareness point inside yourself is how to find peace?

I feel sometimes so frustrated because I look for idea's and ways outside of myself, from other humans. But that's the thing... they are other humans. What works for one, may not work for the whole. Beliefs are personal to each and every person. Because, all of us see the world through our own existence, our own experiences and perceptions of life that NO OTHER person can possibly see or understand. There are many people who have found "a way" and that way may resonate with thousands of people. But does that mean it is the way for me? Does that mean that they have found "THE WAY"?

This morning, I feel a peace, a knowing. I feel like I should listen to myself. Instead of putting someone on a level of "knowing" that is greater than mine, I am actually just going to stop automatically following people I admire and I'm going to admire my own wisdom. My OWN knowing. I know that somewhere inside, I know what is right for ME. I will calmly and quietly, contemplate the best decision for me, right now.

I was inspired also by a post this morning that I came across from someone who had posted a quote from Michael Singer (yes, someone that I admire and follow without questioning) LOL..... But, it is something that I KNOW for myself.... It's this... Ask yourself, do you want to be happy or do you not want to be happy? It really is that simple. If you can keep that question with you all day... it will change your life. Because the decisions you make will lead you in the direction of your happiness. Do I want to sit here on my couch and drink coffee and read and write? Yes. Ding Ding.... happiness. Should I get up because everyone else is doing something? No. Ding Ding.... happiness. Should I put cream in my coffee? Yes. Ding Ding... happiness. Should I drink my coffee black because the world says that cream is fattening and you should limit your fat intake? No. Ding Ding.... happiness. Should I worry about making a decent meal for dinner? No. Ding Ding.... happiness. Should I make grilled cheese or pancakes for dinner because I do not want to make dinner? Yes. Ding Ding... happiness.

I am grateful for my mornings when I do not have to go into work. They provide me with time to stop the hampster wheel in my head and help me to re-route my path. Correct the course, if you will.

So today, I have come to the realization that I can still read and follow people that I find inspiring, but I am allowed to question whether or not what they are saying is true for my soul. Because no one has it figured out 100%. If positive thinking is where it's at for me one moment and self-awareness and just "being" is where it's at the next moment, so be it. As long as I am making the decisions for my own soul, that is the most important thing.

I hope you all are having a great day today. Make small decisions every moment that vibe with your soul. P.S. - this also involves not worrying about how your decision will affect everyone else, if it is right with your soul, it is right.

K. Gotta go eat the Chinese leftovers for lunch!!!

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Angela Bond-White
Angela Bond-White
23 de fev. de 2021

Totally relate to this!🤗

23 de fev. de 2021
Respondendo a

There’s a little bit of me thinking that I have been giving away too much of myself to other beliefs and opinions... and to trust in my own self

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