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Dear Diary, November 5/84

Today was the usual. We get our pictures taken tomorrow! My first time curling my hair and I did good except I burnt my head once. Gymnastics is starting and my mom won't let me go to gymnastics instead of pathfinders. She wanted me to go to gymnastics even when pathfinders where going. I like gymnastics more than pathfinders. Christmas is getting closer! I love Christmas. I got Jennifers name this year. I am making her something from tri-kem. This new girl and boy are in our school they bought the bar and Casavants house. Boy is in gr. 6. Girl is in gr. 8.

See ya!

Good morning BEAUTIFUL HUMANS!!!

The sun is so gosh darn beautiful today! I love that I wrote poetry back then, in the olden' days. I especially love that "E"ffection was part of my prose 😁

On days that I don't have a diary entry from back in the 80's that would be the exact day that I write in the present, I just go back to the first entries, so if you're wondering why some days are 1984 and some are 1985, that is why!

I only burnt my head once 😁

I really do not have anything particular to write about today.....

Our anniversary is coming up! I think everyone that follows me on here knows that every year we plan something for our anniversary. For those who may not know...

From year one 1️⃣ of celebrating our anniversary we have taken turns surprising each other with how we celebrate it. The first year, I blindfolded Ken and drove him from Invermere to Lake Louise. Good thing he doesn't get car sick because it was a two hour drive 🤢. I took him back to Chateau Lake Louise, to the same room that we celebrated our honeymoon in the year previous. I reserved the same beautiful window seat in the restaurant that we sat at for our honeymoon as well.

And for 22 years (this year will be 23) we have continued to do so many cool things for each other ❤️

Of course, in the beginning when we were just pups and had little money and resources to go BIG so we were very creative. Sometimes it was having Mom or Auntie Celine to watch the babies while we went out for dinner and then got a hotel room somewhere......boom chicka wow wow 🕺🏻💃🏻. Sometimes it was borrowing Christine's hot tub, getting chocolate covered strawberries and a bucket of champagne. By the way, my bestie Christine Preus was always there for me and continues to be one of my "rocks". Love you lady ❤️. Sometimes it was getting a bucket of Kentucky Fried chicken and sitting on a blanket on the grass at a bed and breakfast by Costco... One of my favorite ones was when Ken got a helicopter to drop us off in the snowy mountains somewhere near Invermere. There was a little shack/cabin and he brought a picnic lunch! It was so cool.

As we made more money the anniversaries started to morph into getting out of this fucking deep freeze 🧊 and flying somewhere "warmer"🏖. Victoria, Vegas, San Fransisco, Mexico, The Dominican, Costa Rica and last year was one off of my bucket list, Bali!!! One of the cool things that I love about our tradition is that when it is your turn to be surprised you have to cover your ears at the GP airport, and then all the ensuing airports, until we arrive at the final flight to where we are actually going! We never know where we are going!!! I look forward to our anniversaries so much.

This year will be a little different but 🤷🏻‍♀️. It is my year and I will have to be creative.... Gotta dig out the creative sparks from the crusty brain. Especially since the new restrictions are coming into place on Friday. We might just be holed up in a hotel room with nowhere to go. Wait.... that's not so bad 😉

We have had many people who ask us if they can "steal" our idea and I always reply "Absolutely!!" Anything that creates more love and joy in this world is always the answer.

Anyways.. we leave in a couple of weekends. I will definitely tell you all about it when we get back!

K. Gotta go get some taco fixin's. (It's cinco de mayo, I think 😉🌮) Adiós mis amigos and amigas!

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