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Dear Diary, November 2/84

We are doing a essay in school. 7 double spaced pages long about early man and all that back then. I'm doing pretty good so far. Me and Celine made chocolate eclairs or cream puffs just right now and they were good. Boy, Is there ever alot of snow right now! Me and Celine sat on it and got soaked. She is my best auntie. She is funny! I have about $10.00 right now from delivering the newspaper and baby-sitting! I hope Celine doesn't move away because I'll miss her to much.

So Long: Adios


Good Morning Everyone!

It is a gloomy AF day here in beautiful Grande Prairieland. The wind is blowing. Shut up Ken. Nobody likes wind. I love you but you ARE an anomaly. You and your crazy ass wind loving freak friends. AND whilst it blows ever so gently outside, the pretty snowflakes are also joining in on the lovely dance of spring 💐. Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️. I try guys. I try to be positive about the weather here. Give me props.

So this morning... funny story. Well, more like a horror movie made by Wes Craven kind of story🔪.... I was preparing my daily nectar of the Gods when I happened to glance at the back of the coffee bag and saw a paragraph describing McDonald's decaffeinated coffee. I thought this strange because 🤷🏻‍♀️ why would they be pushing their "other" coffee on the bag of my sweet nectar? So I looked at the front of the bag... well, let's just say I was horrified and gloriously happy at the same time!! It said "decaffeinated coffee" on the bag. WTF. I might as well quit life. This will never do. How did this happen? was my first reaction. My second reaction was.... 🤦🏻‍♀️ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I get why I have been feeling like I am descending into the fiery pits of hell lately 🔥 It all makes sense now.

Lesson learned. Thank you Universe.

Read fine print on bag of sweet nectar.

Got it.

So that's how my morning started! How bout yours? I also am very happy with some dinner plates that showed up at the door yesterday. I thought I'd buy online since I couldn't find any at Homesense. Because really, if you live in GP where do you even shop for anything at all if you aren't shopping at Homesense?

So back to the diary entry from 1984.... there she is again! My auntie Celine ❤️. Are you beginning to see what an impact she had on my life? She amplified the joy in my life. She brought out all of the good and silly's within me. She was my person. I can remember that day that we made the chocolate eclairs!! I thought she was the greatest auntie ever! And who just sits in the snow with you? Celine. Celine does. Had she moved away at that time in my life I would have been mortified. Like decaffeinated coffee kinda mortified. So if I was 13 she would have been 18 at that time. The time abouts when young adults are looking to flee the nest. I'm glad she she didn't flee. (I woulda tied myself to her tailfeathers anyways)

Love you so much Auntie ❤️

K. Gotta go do life. Now that I have the RIGHT coffee. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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27 avr. 2021

Love those pics & ohmygoodness does that first one ever look like SheaShea!! ♥ ☺

27 avr. 2021
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I love this picture I have them also 🥰

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Yes that would be really cool

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