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Dear Diary, Nov. 8/84

Guess what? It's my moms birthday tomorrow I have to go uptown and bye her something. It was fun in pathfinders tonight. But we didn't make our hobo-bags. I hope I do good on my Essay. At least get a B or a B-. I have to go to grandmas tomorrow after school. Glen kicked Maye in the hand yesterday and now she has a big puffy hand. But she's coming to school tomorrow. I hope Shannon comes down sometime pretty soon. I hope she has a job. I learned some new songs today, Princess Pat, 5 chardoded buzzards, TIR TIR TIRO, Sip some cider through a straw.

See ya,

You hoser.

Stars are still and glowing,

gods gift to the sky

Tiny and big fat and skinny

but still pretty.

LOL! Who the hell was I calling a hoser? Good ol' Bob and Doug eh?

Just sitting on our deck..... roasting. But I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!! It could be snowing here this weekend just as easily.

I have mentioned The Untethered Soul before and will again today! I am currently reading it for the 1000th time. I wish sometimes that the words could just be tattooed on the inside of my eyelids... well I guess that would only work if I'm sleeping. Tattooed on my eyeball lens 🤷🏻‍♀️. The words just bring so many things into perspective for me.

He talks about how we are spinning around in the middle of nowhere and that we are here for only a handful of years and then we are gone. Why choose suffering? Why choose to stay in the same ol' crusty ass perspectives? Albeit.. before I actually started reading about life years ago, I did not think that I had a choice to see things how "I" wanted to see them. I thought life threw shit at me and I reacted. I thought that is how it was for everyone.

I'm so glad I woke up from that nightmare.... Hey, it still has it's Freddy Krueger moments don't get me wrong. But I know now that I get to choose how I want to feel about them. And sometimes I choose the easier path... the one of reacting and getting angry or sunken into a depression pit of hell. But more times than I used to, I choose to sit with it and let it be.

The book that started it all for me was A New Earth, by Echkart Tolle. That is a must read if you like to change your perspectives of things. The Power of Now, is another by Echkart that is amazing.

Just a short one today. I am going to chill tfo and do what the book suggests...... Choose happiness no matter what.

K. Gotta go be happy. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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