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Dear Diary, Nov. 7/84

Me and Maye did some of our Essay today after school. I did my first catichism and started my second catichism corispondance. It's hard to do. We have lots of homework in Sos's. We are doing our hobo-bags tomorrow in Pathfinders. I moved into a big locker today. Sherry's old one. I think I might do a little better in school this year. Especially in Science. I sure hope Charmaine comes down. It's been 1 & 1/2 years since I seen her. She's as tall as Grandma! That's tall for 13.

Good morning to you all 😎

Just gonna talk about things that come up in the old crusty brain. Just for shits and giggles. 💩🤭

Did I tell ya that Skye gave me a tattoo on Mother's Day? I find that a very meaningful gift. I mean...come on. It's there forever. Well, for as long as this body lasts anyways. She drew a wave on my index finger. I LOVE it!!

Ken and I had a lovely weekend in Jasper for our 23rd anniversary. I put some pics out on snapchat and a couple on Instagram stories, hope you got to see them. They were silly. I thought 🤔, if I can't bring Ken to a beach I shall bring the beach to him! With some inspiration and ideas from my Momma it all came together nicely 😌🏖🍻🕶🍹

I booked us a room at Whistler's Inn. It is perfectly situated in the hustle and bustle of downtown Jasper. Although, because of the lockdown there wasn't too much hustle or bustle. From the deck you could see the Earl's rooftop patio. Would have been nice to see people enjoying the beautiful sunshine there but 🤷🏻‍♀️

I greeted Ken with a lai when he came into the room 🌸. You can take that whichever way your little heart desires 😉 We then took a stroll out to the beach/pool bar. There we sat, in our lawn chairs, dipping our toes in the warm water, sipping from our pina colada filled coconuts, under the shade of the palm tree, the sun beating down upon us. It was a beautiful day at the pool bar.

We discovered a gem while we were there too! I had never been to Lake Annette before. It was like a whole new world opened up to us. It was a BEAUTIFUL lake just down from the Jasper lodge. People were swimming in it and sunbathers were laying on the beach. Yes. A beautiful, long sandy beach! We will definitely be stopping there on our trips through Jasper now. To sit on the beach and have a picnic and to paddleboard. The paved trail around the lake is wonderful. I highly recommend it!

Somewhere on the side of the road to Jasper we saw a momma griz and her cub. I was like "ok, that's a sign. No hiking for us". We saw so much wildlife on our trip it was amazing. We saw two more black bears on our way back to GP. 🐻 I heard that if you see bears or dream about bears there will be a lot of money coming to you!!! So there's that.

Hmmmm....🤔 what else.... I saw a funny Insta post the other day and I wanted to repost it but didn't have the balls to at that time. But it said "How do you know if someone is vaccinated or not?" The answer: "Don't worry, they will tell you". 😂 It made me laugh anyways.

I see that Europe has/is opening up for tourists. It was so funny because people are arguing over the info that is out there I guess.... You need to be vaccinated.... No you don't.... I personally have no idea because I have not looked at the "info". That. No need to talk about my feelings on THAT.

Tis a day of quiet introspection today. For the rest of the day, I am just gonna ctfo.

K. Gotta go be like Skye and be "with myself" today 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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Just a little imagination makes a perfect story congrats 👏 💕💕💕💕

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