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Dear Diary, Nov 6/84

Guess what my cousins from Calgary might come down this weekend! Charmaine and Michelle and Auntie & Uncle. I hope they do. I haven't seen them for a long time. I write to Charmaine all the time. She is neat. She's one more grade higher than me. She is good in school. She made it on the honor roll. Now that's smart! Her sister is way older about 16. We have a 7 page essay due on 2 weeks from now.

Look ➡


Caring, loving, forgiving

together, affection



Good morning beautiful humans!!

I am so glad that I got to sleep in this morning. It's a quiet one. Nobody here but me. Ken went to cut trail with Justin. Surprise, surprise! He is NOT kitesurfing.

My cousin Charmaine was that "cool" cousin when I was young. Kinda akin to Danny Zuko. 😎 🕺🏻. She lived in the far off, magical kingdom 🏰 of Calgary. It's where all of the king's and queen's and the cool people lived. It's where I wanted to live when I grew up. Why? They had a zoo!!!! They had huge malls!!!! They had a tower!!!! They had so many restaurants!!!! And they had a Charmaine!!!!

Her coolness came in the form of her funky hair and clothes and she listened to Depeche Mode. She was just pure FUN. We would later reconnect and form a deeper friendship when I actually did move to Calgary after high school! Lot's of shenanigan's where had with this lady. Dewy Steven's never saw us comin'. More on her later in my future diary entries!!

Her Dad, my great Uncle Pat was also one of the coolest cats. He plays the guitar 🎸 and when he and my Uncle Dwight and my Dad would play together and sing..... it was magical. He did this funny thing on his guitar that made it sound like someone was sneezing... I thought it was the coolest thing. If I haven't mentioned it before, my family is very musically talented and the BEST memories I have are of all of the kitchen parties we had..... guitars, singing, drinks, smoke, laughter.... just pure joy. One day when everyone is comfortable with Covid we shall celebrate together again :)

Their family is one of the sweetest and kindest pockets of sunshine ☀️ I have so many, many great memories with them ❤️

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

K. Gotta go work on my Mother's Day Project ❤️🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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