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Dear Diary, Nov.13/84

I started on my 2nd catechism lesson. I just washed my face and mom and dad don't believe me. I hate that when parents are wrong and they think they are right. And they get mad at you. We didn't have very much homework today. Sorry I'm so messy! I can't think of anything to say. I wonder what my picture is gonna look like? Probably dumb. Celines was pretty. I got one then I lost it. We had volleyball practice today. Everybody was grouchy. Especially Mr. Little and Blah Blah. Gee!




Dear Diary, Nov. 14/84

I was done all of my Essay today so I got to do some artwork. I'm doing better in science now then at the beginning of this year when I got in heck. We are gonna do our hobo bags tomorrow forsure. I sure hope we didn't have homework because I didn't bring any I can't remember anything. I can't wait til Christmas. It's gonna be fun. I don't know if I should write to Santa Claus or not. Mom and Dad might think I'm to old. I don't know what I'm getting mom and dad this year. I hope I will think of something.

Better be going!


Dear Diary, Nov. 15/84

Guess what? I am so proud of myself. I made my hobo bag. It looks good. It's blue with white polka-dots. Now I can carry all my stuff in it. My well Celines and my Tri-Kem stuff came in. It's pretty. Gee it cost Blah Blah more to by one of the hobo-bags than it did to make them. I don't know if Blah Blah and Blah Blah could handle all of this responsibilaty that you have in pathfinders. There sure is alot. I'm production manager and I have to get everything ready that were gonna do. Like make posters for it ask people if we can use a certain place.

Take it away!


Dear Diary, Nov. 18/84

This weekend me and mom went to town on Saturday OH! Just wait first on Friday Me, mom, dad and Mary and Dennis and family went to fairmont to swim. And I got a swim and ski pass. my picture looks funny. I am going to be in Nancy Green this year. (The ski racing team). Dad will be coming up with me to ski hopefully we'll get mom up there this year. On Saturday me and mom went to town. I got my dad a shirt for Christmas. And Auntie Celine a little Ody off of Garfield and grandma and grandpa little black soap stone frogs. I babysat Jamie the other night I got 10 dollars. Mom and dad and Mary and Dennis didn't get home till 12:00. Today me and Celine went boming in her car. She's gonna sell it for a tranz-am. I did some of my tri-kem things today.

Bye Turkey


Dear Diary, Nov. 19/84

Today I played with grandma's computer. It's fun. I'm on the 3rd one one the second term it's kind of easy but then again maybe not. Blah Blah and Blah Blah were being snots at the end of school Because I wouldn't hurry up and finish my first one on the computer. It's not my fault if I get some wrong and have to do it over again. Maye had to go to town today. Todd and Clint H are in Nancy Green to. It'll be fun. Well, better be signing off!


Dear Diary, Nov. 20/84

I don't have very much to say. I went to volleyball practice. Mr. Little worked us out hard today. He made us run like crazy. We got our envelopes (our, papers) for ski school. But some of us didn't get it. I don't know why. If they want to learn how to ski they should teach them it's just like us. Willie is sitting beside me right now. (Being good!). Finally. But not for long. We learned a french song in french today.

So long


Dear Diary, Nov. 22/84

It was O.k today. I went to volleyball practice and we had our math exam. It wasn't very hard. I hope I get good. Me and Maye are the highest in computer music right now. I just got back from pathfinders and I'm going to a winter camp in Blue Lake with pathfinders. Boy Christmas is getting closer! I can't wait. I got Tanzice's name in pathfinders for picking for Christmas.

See ya!

Tag a long Pete


Dear Diary, Nov. 26/84

Boy did I do rotten on my math exam I got 54 out of 100 ➡ C-. On my Essay I got a B- and on my Socials book I got a B. I went and helped my dad mix chain oil and we went over to plants and I visited with Natalie. Mom gave me a shirt that she used to wear and it fits me. It's pretty! We get a music test tomorrow. And a I.E test on Friday. I'm not doing so good in math or music thats the only subjects. Well there isn't that much to say except that I'm going to gymnastics and quiting pathfinders. Maybe.


Dear Diary, Nov. 27/84

We had our music test today. I think I did good. I hope! We have a Social Study's test on Thursday and a I.E test on Friday. I am not quiting pathfinders instead I can still go to gymnastics and be a part of pathfinders. I don't have to go to the meetings. That's great. We got current events tomorrow. I have to do news. I found out that the papers sent out to people for skiing where only for Nancy Green & Bantams. But it isn't for school skiing so anybody can go! Well, I ran out of words.

Good Bye or Good Night


Dear Diary, Nov. 28/84

We have our Social Study's test tomorrow I know part of it. We get our first volleyball game on Tuesday and on Thursday. They play here on Tuesday and we play there on Thursday. My cats in a real weird position right now he is sleeping. We get our report cards pretty soon. And our school pictures. Our fun night is tomorrow night. I baked some cupcakes and some fudge. I hope lots of people come. It will have games a bake table and raffles. You should come too!

Hope to see you there!


Dear Diary, Dec. 2/84

OH boy, I have a busy week. On Tuesday I get my I.E exam back. And we go up to Invermere to play volleyball. And on Thursday they come down here to play and I get enrolled. On Friday we get our report card back. And I will maybe sleep over at Barbies cause mom and dad are going to see Waylon. Barbie slept over on Friday and I slept over last night. She is going to winter camp too and Nancy Green! There is only 23 days till Christmas! What a week.

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 5/84

Me and my mom had a talk. It's actually for my religion Emblem in Pathfinders. We are gonna do a verse every night. I'm supposed to read the bible every night now. I have my enrolement tomorrow. I will get my Bronze in Home, Bronze in Community and Bronze a first stage in my religion Emblem. There is only 20 more days till Christmas! We get our report cards on Friday. On Saturday night my mom and dad are going to see Waylon. I am staying with Barbie. Saturday and Sunday night. I have lots more to say but I can't remember.


Dear Diary, Dec. 6/84

Did you ever think that when I'm writing in you that I'm writing or talking to God or you. (The same thing). I had my enrolment tonight I got my pin and my religion in life Emblem and my bronse in Home. I was suppossed to get my Bronze in Community too. I got some sleeper earings from Denise. And I got a smelly pillow from Mrs. Cook. I got Tanzice some pink earings. Boy did she like them. Sonjas coming down, (Barbies cousin) she's in grade 6. She's sleeping over Saturday night too. We are going to a Christmas supper & concert tomorrow night. Barbie might be coming. There is Report cards tomorrow and I got my pictures back.

B.P! Be prepared

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 10/84

Only 15 more days till Xmas. I spent the weekend with Barbie. We watched movies all weekend and we went to our Christmas concert up in Fairmont. And on Sunday we went to the hall for the boy scouts Christmas party. I got 2 A's 2 B's and all the rest C+'s! My best report card ever. Mom and dad came home today. Waylon was cancled. So mom and dad went shopping. Mom got me 3 pairs of nice socks and dad got me a pair of crystal heart dangling earings! Well, it's been a pretty good weekend.

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 11/84

Boy do I ever feel the pits. I have a cold. Just at the right time! Before Christmas. We might go to Vernon for the weekend. But I'm not going if my cold is bad. Only 14 days till Christmas. We have a Social S. test tomorrow. There isn't much to say. We got some Christmas cards! Kim has her tree up. We get a Christmas party at school.

Well got too go!

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 12/84

We had our Social Study's test today. I didn't do bad. Nelly has her tree up to. Dad said that if we put ours up now it would dry out before Christmas. We aren't going to Vernon. I am so mad at dad. On our Christmas camp at Blue Lake we are going to build Snow shelters and maybe sleep in them. We can go skating and skiing and snowshoeing and we are going to do snow sculpturing. Only 13 more days till Christmas! I don't have to take P.E at all this week. The ski-hill opens this weekend. I wish I could go skiing. Willie is sitting here watching me. I like it when he calms down. Sorry so messy on the other page.

Goodnight sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite!

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 14/84

We got our Social Study's test back today. I got 74 out of 118. In other words a C. Me and mom and dad are going to town tomorrow. We are going to go shopping. I'm on my 3rd one on the 3rd term in music. Boy did my mom ever make my room look pretty. She put up a shelf. Above my desk and did my bedroom like I wanted it. Tomorrow is Friday. I just watched The Face of the 80's. It's a good show. It's all about models. There is only 11 more days till Christmas! My cold is getting better. I can't think of anything else to say but

So long! Adios. Salut! Auvoir.

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 16/84

I got my Christmas Presents from mom and dad already. I got a new ski-suit and ski boots. I got new dress shoes. And new winters boots. I gave mom hers already because she new what it looked like anyway. I went to the doctor about my cold and he gave me some medicine he said I am or was on the virge of getting namonia again. I have to go back on Friday and see him to see if I am getting better or not. I got a new humidifier it isn't very noisy! Christmas will be here soon. I can't wait., but I guess I'll have to. Well, bye.

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 19/84

We put our Christmas tree up tonight. It looks pretty. I did grandma Larsons tree too. We have no Christmas presents under it yet. We have lots of Christmas cards. I wrote and mailed a card to Charmaine. She made it on the honor roll again! The Christmas dance is on tonight. I don't mind it as much as I used to. My cold is getting better. I can't...... I have to wait for Christmas. Blah Blah and Blah Blah were being snots today. I don't know why. Ever since Blah Blah came here things have been not going so good. But I don't want to make her feel bad.

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 20/84

I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I have to miss school again. And especially the party. 5 more days till Christmas! We didn't have any homework tonight. We start our skiing lessons on the 27 of December. I tried my skis on today they had to be adjusted. I made Auntie Shirleys and Uncle Terry's Christmas presents. My mom is forever baking. She made shortbread and gingersnap cookies and cherry, lemon and that stuff with the raisins in it tarts. Maye told me she got me a Christmas present. I got one from Nelly I got some earings. I got Laurie a big paper clip with hearts on it and a purple shiny pencil with music notes on it.

Love Crystal

Dear Diary, Dec. 22/84

I went to the doctor and he said I could go skiing on the 27th. I got a box of chocolate almonds from Tricia. I just got back from baby-sitting Nathan. Poor guy he has the flu. And right before Christmas too. The habarts are out Christmas caroling on the back of a truck tonight. I did lots of work today I cleaned my closet I helped take care of Jamie I made some cookies, did the dusting and did the dishes by hand and went and baby-sat Nathan. What a busy day! Vannessa brought back a care bears sticker book from Pizza hut for me.

Love Crystal

Thought I would just finish 1984 up! LOL!

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