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Dear Diary, Nov 1/84

I bet you are mad at me because I'm not writing it's just that I've been tired and stuff. Well, I'm still not allowed to go to dances. Today I just got back from a halloween party for pathfinders! We already went camping and sold candy apples! I'm the person who organizes things. School is getting harder every day. Lots of homework. (Blah blah) was wearing my earrings today I didn't know what to say so I shut up. Yesterday night was halloween. I dressed up as a gypsy! I went out with Maye and Wanda. Maye was a punk and Wanda was a logger. Mom made popcorn balls this year. I got lots of candy. Finally Uncle Paul got Angela back. I wonder if she's changed since I've seen her last? Them guys came again from some Island on the pacific. They were funny! They told me jokes.

Love Crystal

Goodnight! Everybody!

Goodmorning Readers!

It is a glorious sunbeaming through my hoodie kinda morning here in beautiful Grande Prairieland. ☀️🥵

I'm not quite sure who I thought I was talking to and who the fuck was listening to me when I wrote the words on paper? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like my diary had a hand that would jump out at me when I opened it and slap me upside the head for not writing in it...

If I remember correctly, someone had stolen my earrings and wore them, and I didn't know what to say.

I loved Halloween as a kid. Sometimes our hall would have a big bonfire and hot chocolate after everyone was done trick-or-treating! And this is my first introduction of Wanda Tench, a bestie from my childhood ❤️ We had so many fun times together.

Dances were such a fun thing that I wanted to go to. Ok, I was only 13 and I probably wanted to slobber all over some boy in some dark corner somewhere, which is why I now understand where my Dad was coming from in making his decision to not let me go!

What were the popular jams from November 1984? Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by WHAM, I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder, Hard Habit To Break by Chicago, What's Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner.... ahhhh the memories.

My Mom makes THE best popcorn balls. Ever. Even when we moved up here to GP she would send them in the mail to us. The last few times she even put chocolate caramels in the middle for a lovely little surprise 🍫

When my cousin Angela was a little girl her Mom took her away from all of us. It was a very confusing thing for me to grasp. I don't pretend to know the why's of it all. I do remember that someone told me that her face was on milk cartons? Am I right family? But in this diary entry we got her back!!! She is one of the kindest humans on this planet my cousin Angela ❤️. She has a gorgeous smile and a contagious laugh and always a joy to be around! Miss her. Miss you Uncle Paul. RIP ❤️

Mom and Dad... "Them guys came again from some island on the pacific" LOL😂. These "guys" were good friends of my Dads that came from Vancouver Island (ok my geography IQ was not quite up to par at 13 but at least I knew it was the Pacific!). They came over to hunt with my Dad. They told me SO many funny jokes. Baldy, one of the men, was so fricken funny. So witty. I was always excited for when they came because usually on one of the days that they were here we would go for supper at Mountain Village (a restaurant on the highway that is no longer there but that I would work at in the future) where they made the best chicken cordon blue with mushroom sauce and deep fried mushrooms!! And I got to have Shirley Temple's. I always felt so grown up because it looked like a "cocktail" 🍹. Everyone was telling jokes and laughing and having fun. Such beautiful memories for me. And then, too, we would go swimming at Fairmont and that was always so fun. Oh! So remember when I talked about Celine and I on Vancouver Island on a trip? These were the people that we were visiting.

Getting back to today...I am looking forward to seeing Skye later and Shea when she gets home from work ❤️. We are going to Ernie's to look for some new running shoes 👟. I need some new one's and Skye needs some different one's because she is training for a 50km run in August!!!

I am going to sit out on the deck with a blankie and read and connect with myself. I hope that you all are having a peaceful day.

K. Gotta go get some new rubbers. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻. Running shoes, you dirty minded people.... running shoes.....

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