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Dear Diary, March 21/85

I might not have to go to school tomorrow! But I might too. I might be going to Cranbrook tomorrow. Only 6 more days of school for me! I guess Natalie is having fun right now! She is in Quebec. Vivian is going to Florida. I am going to????? You know Port McNeil. Dad is going to Tana and Harolds. He is first-aiding somebody I think. I lost my house key. This is the 3rd one now. I wish I could find it.

Love Crystal

Natalie was also one of my bestie's as a kid. I learned all of the bad french words from her household.... Her Dad was a ham. He was always talking about his "gros bedin" aka his 'fat belly'. Her mom was this cute little french lady who hardly spoke a lick of english. But boy did you know what she was meaning when she was mad!!! Who knew the french were so spicy? 🌶

We had a lot of french family's in Canal Flats when I was growing up. We even had a special time of the year when we would go to the arena and there would be big long tables covered in shaved ice. You would then grab a popsicle stick and begin to roll it in the delicious maple syrup...... woolah! A maple syrup popsicle! And who knows.... I may have even acquired my fine affinity for Poutine from my childhood... 🍟🧀

I do have a french heritage though. My Grandpa Tardif spoke french fluently. And I don't know why I can never remember where he was born when my family tells me... I'm pretty sure he was born in Saskatchwan. Ya... again, french curse words, I heard him say one or two 😉. Aren't they just fun to say though?

We would venture to Port McNeil on the Island a few times and I always have such fun memories of those trips!

Dad was probably going to Tana and Harold's ranch to help someone who fell off their horse, got run over by a tractor, burned themselves with a branding iron or got trampled by a cow 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyhew.... It is the second day of Spring today and the sun is trying to shine through the overcast clouds. Skye is coming over today!!!!! It's so funny that she lives in the same town but whenever I get to see her it's like she has been gone for weeks! Shea and Ben left for Vancouver this morning and so far they are having a good road trip 🚘

K. Gotta drink my tomato soup and do some dishes. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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