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Dear Diary March 19, 1985 🐈🤓👗

Guess what dad came home today! He was suppossed to get back tomorrow. Our vacation is coming soon. Vivian is going to Florida. This is her second time. My cat is being a nerd right now! As usual. Sherry wore a dress yesterday to school! Isn't that amazing. We handed in our Essays. I think I did good. Maybe a B- or a C+. There isn't much to say today. OH! We had a play by Greenthumb theatre. It was good, I guess.

Love Crystal

I love cats. Have had them up until we moved up here to Grande Prairie. I was always allergic to them though. The scratches they gave me would always be itchy and would swell up. But they never did affect my breathing too much. We had Gizmo before we moved up here but we left him out at my Mom and Dad's acreage, where he could hunt and roam free rather than be a housecat up here. The girl's never reacted to him either 🤔. So.....

Ken thought he would surprise the girls and me with two sweet little kittens! We were so excited and they were so cute but Skye and Shea reacted to them really bad, puffy swollen eyes and itchy itchies. We were sooooo sad. Ken had to give them back.

Years later we would try pet fish.... but they just ended up dead. And you can neither pet nor cuddle a fish. We tried frogs... still no cuddling and again, dead. We even had a SNAKE. I do not remember agreeing to that one.. but "someone" fed him the wrong way and he turned grouchy, so we had to give him away. We tried birds.... assholes. We thought birds would be good for people with allergies.... Nope. BAD. I think one summer when both girls were coughing up their lungs and barely breathing..... we figured that one out.

One Christmas, we took the girls on a horse-driven wagon ride. Skye wanted to sit right at the front of the wagon to be near the horsies... 🐴 their tails were basically exfoliating Skye's face. She could barely breathe and her eyes looked like two marshmellows 😞 when we were finished but did she have THE biggest smile on her face! She had so much fun, it was so amazing.

So..... what does a Mom do 🤷🏻‍♀️ when she knows how special it is to grow up with pets (that you can cuddle)? You do what you can to fix that. I would take the girls to the SPCA every once in a while and stick them in the cat room. I let them get all cuddled up with them... like just short of me taking a cat and wiping it all over their cute little faces. And then we would get in the car to go home. Most of the time, as soon as we got in the car the girls faces were already in full bloom reaction mode. But the last time (years ago) we got in the car.... no reaction 😀, so we drove a little ways and still no reaction! So we started talking about the cat that we wanted because we thought we were in the clear! I then looked into my rearview mirror and saw two puffer fish looking back at me.... 😭🤣

That ended that. To this day... seriously, like 10 seconds ago, Shea asks if we can go get a dog. Ugh... I wish. But I will not be the reason why my girls end up in ICU. Nope.

K. Gotta chill and Netflix 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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