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Dear Diary, July 4, 1984 (12yrs old)

In the morning this morning I had to go down and baby-sit for Mary. We went to grandma's for supper. I got to open grandma's birthday present for me. It was running shoes. There pretty. I made my invatations out today. I'm inviting Maye, Sherry, Viv, Vanessa. Well, that's all I can think of for now. Goodnight.

Love Crystal

Hello Everyone!

I don't have a diary entry for today so I thought I would just start from the beginning of my diary when I don't have any entries for a particular day 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mary is one of my Mom's besties and I absolutely adore her as well ❤️. She is one of the kindest humans I have ever met.

We used to have dinner at my Grandma's every Monday night. Like, EVERY, Monday night. It was one of the highlights of my week! Especially when she made beef stroganoff, homemade tacos and her cherry 🍒custard cake thingy with whipped cream....... Can you tell that my life has always involved the love of food?? I was also excited about my birthday coming up!!!

I don't have a particular anything to write about today. I do want to say that Ken and I had a wonderful spontaneous get-a-way this weekend! We drove out to Jasper 🚗, which is about a 4 hour drive... if you heed the speed limit. It's such a beautiful spot on this planet. There is a main street that most of the hotels, restaurants and shops are on. And we usually make a point of going to the Jasper Brewing Co. at some point while we are there. Which we did 😁

It is good to see that there are line ups to get into the restaurants because that means that the restaurants are making some money at least..... Also, we went to Earl's for a beer after our hike. I like that particular Earl's because of the view and the outdoor rooftop patio. This time, though, there was a waiting list for the patio and there were no seats left to look at the view... BUT, Ken and I sat at the backside and had a couple of pints of Stella while having a great conversation about jokes and racism...

Ok, before that though, we grabbed a scone and coffee at The Bear Paw (all of you GP'ers know of this place) and then we went for a walk and did some shopping! I ran into a friend from GP who had just done a hike that morning and suggested it for us because we were going to go on one, just didn't know where yet. So we headed out to The Valley of Five Lakes and took a wrong turn on the hike and ended up hiking about 2-3 km's more than we had anticipated! But, it was so fun! And wow, have I missed the fresh air out there!! I posted a babbling brook post on Instagram if you didn't see it.... you should take a listen to it!! All the while, I was wondering if the bears 🐻 were waking up yet and hoping that we wouldn't run into one because we didn't have any bear spray or walking sticks... just stinky armpits... if they were to take a chomp, they would be like.... gross..... and spit me back out like a bad cheese! I told Ken that I should invent a cell phone that has bear spray and/or a knife built into it!!

I had made reservations for the Fiddle River Restaurant earlier that day. It sits upstairs of some shop or something and I asked for the window seating and that's what I got! Beautiful mountain view while we ate. However, I normally like mussels and we had had them here years ago.... But as soon as that slippery fella popped in my mouth I almost gagged because they are HUGE and SLIMY and PUFFY and FISHY. Perfect if you're Ken. He loved them and even drank the sauce they were in. I had to order another appy and ordered the mushroom bruschetta, which was soooo good! And then I ordered schnitzel because I have always been a schnitzel lover. I mean who doesn't love breaded deep-fried meat? Ok.... it took up the whole plate. Seriously, the sides had to come on a different plate! It was delicious and perfect for later when I needed a snack 😉. We had a dessert wine that was AMAZING! And then we kind of got pushed out the door... because... covid. From there we ended up at the restaurant/bar in the Crimson Hotel. We have stayed here before and loved it. The ambience is so cozy and lovely. We sat beside the "fire"... just one of those fake ones... no heat. Our waitress was so lovely, and so perky!! She reminded me of my daughter Skye ❤️

We have decided that we will do this more often. I think I will make a reso for a month from now and go again and do another hike... maybe, fingers crossed, the hot springs will even be open at that time...

Oh! Wait before I go... we went to get wine and beer for the hotel room, because everything closes at 10pm. We stumbled into a liquor store a street behind main street, across from the candy shop with the big ass bear out the front door... and holy hell.... she took me into the wine cellar... downstairs. Hundreds and hundreds of wines... you should go there. Ken bought a $21.00 bottle of beer there, which he is saving for his birthday this month!!

K. Gotta go do laundry. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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