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Dear Diary, July 3, 1984

I just bought you! My old one was full. We are in Cranbrook right now. It's my birthday in 10 days. I'll be 12. I'm having Maye and Sherry over to sleep over. Guess where we might be going for holidays? Montana to Big Skye water slide. With Mary and Dennis, Sandy and Brian, Mr. and Mrs. Jonasson and us. It's gonna be fun. Well that's all I can think of for now.

Love Crystal

Soooooooo long ago but can't you see the beginnings of a genius writer?

I have been writing in a journal on and off, for years. At the beginning, it was more to document what I did in my days. Slowly it became somewhere I could go, safely, to express how I was feeling. Knowing that I could write how I was feeling and that I wouldn't get in trouble for it, was cathartic. When I moved to Calgary after high school graduation, I started college and knew NO ONE. My journal was my friend. My journal would listen and not judge. My journal saved me many times from spiralling further into what I now know were periods of depression.

I grew up without sisters or brothers, so the "normal" sibling squabbles were not there to provide some kind of release. I really can't even remember what inspired me to start writing things down. But I am so grateful that I did.

On this day in January of 1985 I wrote, (I am keeping names out of this one as to not hurt anyone's feelings)... but it was 1985.... lol

Dear Diary,

I am not Blah Blah's best friend anymore. She wrote her friends in order and she, for the first time put Blah Blah first. It made me mad or sad one or the other or both. We've been best friends for a long time and now were not. I get along good with Blah and Blah and Blah, so maybe they'll be my new best friends.

I actually don't like Blah. Never have, never will, very much. She was always miss he-man. The boys are afraid of her! Now that's dumb. I'm not afraid of her because I'm the same as any other girl especially her. Well, I guess I better be going now.

Love Crystal

CrAcK mE Up! I've always loved having best friends. They probably were what I tried to substitute for a brother or sister. I wanted to have someone that was there for me. Like all of my friends who had brothers and sisters. They could have a shitty day at school and still go home to a brother or sister and have someone "in their corner". I realize that my perceptions aren't the truth for everyone, some of you probably went home and had brothers and sisters and still truly had no one in their corner. I am only relaying what I thought at the time.

I couldn't imagine my life without best friends. I am blessed to have a small bundle of best buddies in my life right now. They get it. They get the importance of connection. They get authenticity. They get the need to have a place to go for support, for laughter, for kindness. And they get ME!! Perfectly unperfect me 🙋🏻‍♀️.

SO! I think that's a good start to a perfectly good blog don't you think? I hope to connect with as many people as I can so that we can all heal together.... to heal the global population. The posts on my website will be posts about kindness, love, humour and all of the wonderful things about this life BUT there will also be posts about struggles, sadness, depression and all of the not so wonderful things about this life. A beautiful mixture of life! A life that rocks! A life that I have been rockin' 🤘🏻😜 since 1972! Hope to connect with you and all of the people's on here!

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