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Dear Diary, July 18/84

What a usual day. We did the same things we do all the time. I went to swimming lessons and when i got back I went to recreation. And then I watched t.v. and then I ate supper then I helped Shannon clean her car out. And then I came to bed! We had to wear our clothes in the pool again today and we have to tomorrow too. Well I have too much too say so I can't tell you on this page.

After While Crocodile.

Love Crystal

It is so funny that I thought I couldn't keep writing on to the next page. I had TOO much to say so when the page was filled, that was it 😂

Had quite a stressful day at work yesterday so I'm glad that I have a day off before I go back tomorrow. The whole hospital is learning a new computer system that changes SO MUCH for everyone... good and bad. I had 10 patients that I am technically responsible for. Thank God that I had competent nurses working with me because I really only saw one of my patients the whole day. Angie Findlay, you really do rock. Thank you for just being that calm center of the storm all of the time. I was so fortunate to have you on my team yesterday. We all did our best with not knowing what we are doing..... 😁

So if any of you "visit" our hospital within the next while.... please have even MORE patience with us because we are trying to do our already challenging jobs whilst navigating a "history in the making" shift of how we operate. My co-worker used those words on her Instagram yesterday and it really is that...

While I was standing in the back room waiting for my frozen food to finish in the microwave, Rikki, a wonderful nurse that I get to work with, patted her lap and told me to come sit. So I did. She gave me the best 60 second massage 💆🏻‍♀️, God love her. Little moments like that I appreciate so much. The little connections. The moments that make you feel like someone sees you. And that they care. Thanks Rikki. And to Carlene... they couldn't pay me enough to do your job. I saw that you were also calm amidst the storm yesterday and that just makes everyone else's days even better.

So instead of telling you about the crappy parts of the day yesterday... I share with you, the little moments. Because in the end, those are the ones that count anyways.

Besides... Ken got the brunt of it when I got home last night. Thank God for him too. Oh! and thank God for Shea and Ben who had somehow, cosmically, known that I needed a Crooked Creek donut 🍩 waiting for me.

I am blessed. Cheers to you God. And yes, I can cheers him.... he's the one who turned water into 🍷 in the first place.

K. Gotta go eat more donuts.... 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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