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Dear Diary, July 15/84

Boy was my birthday ever good! First we went to the beach and then we came home and watched the black stallion returns. Then we played games. Before we watched the 1st movie we ate. We had some hamburgers and pizza and my birthday cake It was good! Then we watched staying alive. Boy it was the best birthday party ever. My mom was great and dad. Today we went to the water slides in Radium. It was fun. There's numbers 1 2 4 slides and they are fun. Mom and Dad and Shannon were watching dad play ball. They placed second in Edgewater. Everybody got sunburnt. I did. OH! I almost forgot I got $4 from Sherry, a bracelet from Maye, a dress from Auntie Shannon, a ring from mom and dad, a jacket from Grandma Larson and a mirror. And I'm still getting some!

Love Crystal

Boy, Mom and Dad knew how to throw a bangin' birthday party didn't they? Beaches 🏖, burgers 🍔, pizza🍕, cake 🎂, games🎲, movies 🎥, and John Travolta.

Cool side note.... the water slides in Radium closed down but I would find out later that my now brother-in-law, Al, helped rebuild the waterslides in Cranbrook! And I think Clint Habart actually owned the waterslides in Cranbrook? Yes? Anyone..?

The sun is blasting through the side window of our house as I write. I am like a cat, I follow the sun, like I will actually take my chair and put it in the middle of the kitchen, if that's where the sun is, ☀️ I woke up this morning, laying in my comfy bed and had a beautiful moment of gratitude for just being able to open my eyes again today 🙂. I bounced out of bed and ran down to the living room and tackled Ken (that's my subtle way of asking for cuddles). He asked me what I was thinking and I said "I'm just glad that I got to open my eyes this morning for another day here"

Ken boiled eggs. At some point today we shall burst forth our artistic abilities and draw all sorts of creative masterpieces on them. Usually in amongst the hearts and bunny faces there are a couple of beautiful drawings of butts 🍑. And when Gram and Papa are not here to celebrate with us we usually have eggs with their likeness's upon them.

I am definitely going to get out for a walk today. My trusty weather app tells me that it should be +7 or 8 this afternoon. Can't let that pass by!!

On a different note... Kinda relating to my gratitude feelings this morning.... I was talking to a co-worker at work the other day and I said "You know, this place makes me want to make healthier choices, so I don't DIE but then I go home and eat all of the yummy food and drink all of the yummy wine." 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe it's more of a moment of shock in the mornings than gratitude?!! Like, holy fuck! He let me live another day!!!!!!! After all I did to my body the day before!! 😂😂😂😂💃🏻

K. Gotta go do nothing. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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Happy Easter 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣I enjoy your dairy story’s wish I kept a dairy there so fun to read.

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Well I’m not sure if it will hurt anyone’s feels but do what your feeling ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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