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Dear Diary, July 11/84

Guess what? We might be going to roden gun for holidays. We'll park our trailer up there then just do what we want! And in recreation we are going to the water slides, and camping and all sorts of stuff. We did some of the floor on the sundeck. And I just got back from babysitting Shaye and Jamie. We're going to town tomorrow. I'm going to pick out my prizes for my games. We'll have a nice night!

Love Crystal

It is so funny that I thought Rod & Gun was really "roden gun". It would take me years actually to clue into this one.... Hey, I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed. It was a camping spot on Columbia Lake, that I guess was also the spot for the Rod & Gun club??? I just remember how lucky Vivian was that her family parked their trailer up there in the summer for weeks, it seemed, and had so much fun! I don't think this dream came to fruition for me. Correct me if I'm wrong Mom and Dad? Did we ever park our trailer up there? I do remember learning how to water ski from Viv's Dad there... I think it was there... where I drank the lake.... member??? Oh ya! You're supposed to let go of the rope when you fall....... 🤔😁😳

Anyhew..... I'm breaking out my course correcter today. Aka The Untethered Soul. Some of you know that this is THE book for me. It is my go to when I need to poke some perspectives in the arse. It is the book that I recommend when people are looking for a life change. It really does require a lot of introspection and reflection. It is not like Think Like a Monk or Gabby Bernstein's books etc., and don't get me wrong... I love those writers and their books. I have re-read many of their books. But this one... it's like a bible... blasphemy, I know. But even the big guy, I think, would agree that Michael Singer is one of the writers of our time that "gets it" and that is spreading good information to the world.

I fell out of reading for the last few months... I believe the last book I read I only got half way through. And the one before that was Think Like a Monk, which I LOVE! I recommend that one too. I read ALOT of inspiring perspectives on Instagram. And it has become my go to in the mornings for inspiration. But lately, I have been feeling sort of saturated with Instagram. So I am bringing out the big guns today 💪🏻.

So I have to make this short because I only have about an hour before I have to start making suppa!

I will try to talk more about his book in future posts....

K. Gotta go read now. Poke some perspectives.... 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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Apr 05, 2021

You know that this book changed my life. & I am so very grateful to you for sharing all of Michael Singer’s wisdom with me when I needed it 💗💗💗

Apr 05, 2021
Replying to

So happy that it spoke to you my bestie!

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