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Dear Diary, July 10/84

I went to swimming lessons today. If I pass this one I can get another one and then I'll only have 2 more left. After we came home we went over to Iona's for lunch and then went to the beach. Vanessa came over for supper. We went over to the little school after supper. Then we went and watched dad play ball. They lost both of them. 14 to 1 - 8 to 1. Pretty Bad! I felt real good today. I did everything mom said. I slammed my finger in the door. Ouchhhh! Did it hurt. Well we'll be seeing ya!

Love Crystal

Bahahaha! Sorry Dad! For reals though... my Dad was one of the best fast-ball pitchers ever 🤘🏻⚾️. I followed in his footsteps, I may not have been the best but man did I love it! My Gram also was an awesome fast-ball pitcher, my Mom's Mom. Fast-ball was a big thing in our little town when I was growing up. When we moved up here we had a pretty fun mixed slow pitch team. Lotsa 🍕 and 🍺 at the Crown and Anchor after our games were some of the best times I remember living up here 😊. What was our team name again? Adrienne do you remember? Adrienne might have some different opinions on the slow pitch topic... pins in her shoulder kinda different... 😳

"I did everything Mom said"... 😂, what kid doesn't want to look like an angel in their Mom's eyes?

Had a GREAT day today. Got out for a walk on this balmy -3 spring day. Walked around the Crystal Lake path. Who else loves the sound of the gravel crunching underneath your feet when you walk? It's satisfying to me. Went and got groceries and I felt like high fiving a lady that I saw in Safeway without a mask on!! I didn't have enough 🏀🏐's to join her..... yet. It's comin' though. Have to make sure my skin is thick before I actually perform that feat. Not ready for the backlash..... yet.

Got on the treadmill and ran. Did some weights. Had a shower 🚿, and ended it with a cold blast, Wim Hoff like! Made a delicious dinner from Half Baked Harvest again. And again, it was amazing. Now I'm bout ready to hit the couch and watch Vikings... an ode to my viking heritage. Come on, swede's were vikings weren't they? Some weird part of me wants to have their blood line running through my veins.. If you've caught me on a not-so-good-day you may have witnessed hints of it here and there... they really do need to come up with a viking emoji.

K. Ken just rolled up. Gotta plate him a dish from my wonderful dinner!! 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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24 mar 2021

BALL BASHERS!!! WHOOP! We were awesome. i Loved ball...minus the surgery, titanium plate & screws. SO FUN!🤣⚾️

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