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Dear Diary, January 27, 1985

We went to Elkford today. Me and Sylvia rode with Sue. We got second place. There was three teams. But we might have gotten first because you have to have 3 girls on your team and we think they only had two. It was excellent riding with Sue! She's a gas. We got lost 4 times. I was racing against Brents team. Their hill is really small! Lots of cute guys. The pot luck supper is next weekend. It's gonna be fun. Mom and Dad went skiing and swimming and then out for supper. Sylvia, Sue and I had to get something from Dixie Lee's. I got a hamburger so did Sylvia. We went through Wasa, Jaffrey, Fernie, Elko! What a great day! The Best!

Love Crystal

Well, I think it is safe to say that I loved skiing. Sue was our Nancy Green Instructor, she was fun! I actually have no recollection of who Sylvia is?? Or Brent? BUT THERE WAS LOTS OF CUTE GUYS!!!! Dixie Lee's 😂. Is it even a thing anymore? Apparently, skiing, road trips, hamburgers and cute guys were where it was at for me back then ⛷🍔🚗🙎🏻‍♂️

I had to go to a connectcare course today and again tomorrow. It's the new computer system that we will be using at the new hospital. Don't ask when we are moving over there. I have NO clue. I just go to work and go home. I will go when I'm told to go. Anyways, everything was going ok until we hit the I/O section... in's and out's, fluids in and fluids out... and then it was just going too fast for me, I couldn't follow her little pointer on the computer AND try and do it on my computer at the same time.... 🤯, at the end I just filled shit out and will hope for the best! (I think I was the second neediest person there.... had to have people come over to help me). At least I wasn't the first... 😉 Ya... the test tomorrow is going to go well, I'm gonna ace that fucker. Bahahahaha!

I really think that all of the brain power I have ever had in all of my life was used in getting through nursing school. I. Kid. You. Not. For five years, I did what I had to do to stay "on point" and then when it was done..... it's like my brain relaxed. It was like bad gas cramps and then the utter bliss of farting and letting that 💨 when nobody is around. Picture a balloon almost at the point of popping... in that state for 5 years... then when I graduated it was like someone undid the knot and the balloon just deflated. And I was done. Done with learning ANY MORE. I also started my nursing career with not a lot of support from fellow nurses... that's another story for another day.

Even now, when I think about starting a different career and the learning that I would have to do... I'm like, nope. Nope. Just nope. I can braid hair on a beach. Who am I kidding... I would have to learn all the new braids now-a-days... fish tails etc... nope. Bahahahaha!

Any suggestions for a new career? I am 100% serious!!! Throw them in the comments 💃🏻

Gotta go put laundry away. And see why my dishwasher is not washing my dishes. Because therapeutic handwashing only goes so far..... 🤘🏻😜

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