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Dear Diary, January 23, 1985

We went skiing today. It wasn't bad. I'm in the highest group in lessons. With the grade 10's and all of them. Me and Vivian got into a big fight. We have to wear dresses tomorrow for our club. Willie is sitting on the register right now. OH! he got up amazing! We are making patterns on our shirts tomorrow in pathfinders. We make a design then we iron it on our shirts. Boy am I ever tired. I guess it's from all that hard work. We are going to Elko this weekend. I hope we win! I don't want to go to school tomorrow. Or any days. I will give my diary to my kids when I have them! Awesome! Totaly!

Love Crystal

Hello and Good Morning to you all!

It is snowing here. And yes, it is pretty to watch from inside, but truthfully, I am craving some sunlight today. My hermit tendencies are winning today. But Matt is bringing over an amazing meal tonight for all of us girls to enjoy and I need to get to the grocery store to make a side for it! (or I could just order a salad from Jeffrey's) 🤔.

To clarify from my diary entry above, Willie was one of my cats that I was blessed to have while I was growing up. Named after Willie Nelson, my Dad's favourite singer/musician at the time. Speaking of pussy's... cats. Get your head out of the gutter people... Shea just asked, for the umpteenth time, if we could get a cat. Man, I wished we could get one. I love cuddling with cats. I know how the cuddles feel. They are so soft and warm. And their purrrrrrrrr's.... their purr's are like a meditation that plays on your beats. I LOVE CATS!!!!

We had two kitten's that Ken brought home once. For a day. That was fun. The girl's both reacted to them. Swollen eyes, itchy skin, breathing problems. I love cats SO much that I would bring the girls to our SPCA every once in a while and stick them in the cat room. I know. Judge if you will. Probably not the best parenting moment. 😂 We would get back in the car to go home and we would all be happy because nobody (including me) reacted to the cats!!!!!! We then would talk about the cat that we wanted to get.... And then a glance in my rearview mirror would confirm our destiny with cats. Looking in my rearview mirror I heartbreakingly would see Skye and Shea's eyes both red and swollen..... Fuck.

I know they secretly over the years have cuddled with friends cats. And I'm glad that they got/get to do that because seriously, really in all seriousness... it's one of the most grounding and heartloving things to experience. Cuddling with a cat. Shea says she just takes allergy pills before she goes to Ben's house... cats and dogs.

Now, to move into the mentioning of meditation... I haven't been practicing consistently lately. And it is ok. To do something just "because" is not for this chick. I'm not feeling it. And I know some of you are probably thinking.... but that's the time you should be doing it. And I get it. I have "forced" myself in the past to just do it, sit and do it. And I have come out of some of the "forced" sittings feeling better. But, I have also come out of the forced ones feeling no better. So today, I will take some deep breaths throughout the day and remember all of the wonderful people/things surrounding me and that will be enough. I will be present when my family gets together for dinner tonight. I will listen to them. I will look into their eyes. I will laugh with them. I will just BE. With them. The loves of my life. Because that is all that matters when the day is done. That we loved each other up. I am sending out all of the peace and contentment to you all, that we all deserve.

Love Crystal 🤘🏻😜

P.S. - Skye and Shea, you can have my journals if you want them, when I kick the bucket! I keep my promises... even the ones from 1985 😉

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Have you considered getting a hairless cat??

Jan 24, 2021
Replying to

No. Shea says yes. But I say no. Lol!! I like the fur.


I want to come for dinner I miss my family

Jan 23, 2021
Replying to

Shea and I were just talking about doing a family zoom! And then we were like... everyone would be talking over everyone.... We miss family too man. Hopefully Chad's wedding can happen soonish??


You need bigger boobs it don’t hurt as bad lol. Love ya

Replying to

I think so lol

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