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Dear Diary, Jan 7/85

It was the first day of school today. It wasn't bad. We met Mr. Wiseman today. He is nice right now we never seen him much. I just have to put the key rings on my key then I can give it to Iona and Russell. You know when I was telling you about Iona might having a baby? Well, she is forsure. I have my first ski race on the 20th. I picked skiing for my class sport. Blah Blah stayed over at Blah Blah's on Saturday so when we were at school all they could talk about was how fun it was and what they did. But then everybody has there good and bad days.

Love Crystal

Good day to you 😎

I am cocooning myself in my humble abode today. Why? Because....

I have been watching (again, for the 4th time through) the Somebody Feed Phil series on Netflix. I need to tell you guys how much this man is one of THOSE people for me.

Those people that inspire me. He inspires me to be kinder. He inspires me to live lighter. He inspires me to travel. He inspires me to EAT THE FOOD. He inspires me to listen to people. He inspires me to make new friends. He inspires me to laugh more. He inspires me to try new things. He basically inspires me to be ME, because all of those things are within me. They just get shoved down to my toes sometimes. Which then makes for poor circulation. Which then makes my heart hurt. But if I let them flow with the current.... woolah! My heart feels lighter and life is flowing again!!

He's pretty near the BEST thing since Dirty Dancing came out.

A friend said that he has another show somewhere in tvland called "I'll have what Phil is having". So I gotta find it now.

Also, I chatted with him on Instagram through private messaging the other day and he was really wonderful.

He cracks me up.


K. Gotta go do something... 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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