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Dear Diary, Jan. 3/85

Today was good. Me and mom walked down to Mary's and walked up to the post office. Then I went to auntie Iona's to visit and Stephanie is really sick. Poor kid. Auntie Iona might be pregnant again. We had liver for supper! It was good. Then after supper I went out side to help dad put wood down, he showed me how to chop wood. And he got me so I wouldn't be scared if he threw a piece of wood at me. I mean when we are piling it and he kind of throws it at me then I pile it. School starts on the 7th and my skiing lessons start on the 5th. I get to miss half a day of school on the eleventh. I have to go to the dentist.

See you later.

Love Crystal

Today I actually got out my diary and wrote in it. Lately... I have been living from inside my head. I've known about this phenomenon for years. Yet, I still can't seem to stay present. I call it a phenomenon because it is a situation that exists but its cause or explanation is still a question for me.

How and WHY more importantly would anyone want to live their lives according to what that crusty ol' fart has to say in there? So ya, it's a phenomenon for me.

After journalling today and reflecting on all of the 'why the fuck do I do that?'s I came up with a smidgen of clarity.

I don't feel like sharing about the details but just wanted to let anyone else know that they are not alone if they are feeling the same way.

Btw.. My Momma makes THE best liver and onions.

K. Gotta be quiet 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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