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Dear Diary, Jan. 13/85

My Mom is doing good in skiing. She is going to Ladies day every Monday now. Tanzice slept over last night. She came up skiing with us today. We went out the ski out. I got my hair cut it looks o.k. We have a race on next Sunday and I hardly even did it very much. Me and Tanzice are good friends. She brought her portable keyboard to my house. By the way Mom started skiing on the 12th and she's doing really good. I might be getting a helmut for racing. Clint and Todd were being ignorant today. Todd ran across Tanzice's ski's. Then Clint went over the back of mine! or Todd. I have heartburn from the lasagna.

Love Crystal

HAHAHAHA! Those boys...... They were always the little trouble makers. And then BAM... lasagna. 😂

It is a beauty day today in Grande Prairieland. The sky looks a little hazy. Maybe from fires I'm not sure. Can't smell smoke. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I'm getting more and more excited about our trip to Lanzarote in October! We are now under the 3 month mark.... 🙌🏻

Last week Al, Ken's older bro and his daughter Allison came up for a visit. It was so fricken fun to have them here. It was so nice to see family. Al brought his electric unicycle and everyone was having a blast on it! Of course, the guys were showing off and riding it with a beer in their hands. "Here, hold my beer" was not an option. Again..... boys 😁 (They are a lot of fun though 😁)

I'm turning 49 next Tuesday and I am so excited to celebrate with my family. If it's a nice summer day I may have to blow up the pool...

Life is good.

I pray that you all are finding peace today!

K. Gotta go make more hummus. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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