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Dear Diary, February 6, 1985

Auntie Shannon wrote me today. She wants me to come and stay with her for a few days. We went school skiing today. I just heard from my Mom that Kim broke her leg in skiing today. Right on the palma-tow. I hope she feels better when she's out of surgery! Ouch! We get a Valentine's party tomorrow for pathfinders. We have a race in Panorama on Sunday. I hope we have fun and win!

Love Crystal

Hello Everyone!!

You know those special people in our lives that were a part of so many memories growing up? My Aunt Shannon is one of those people. She is one of my Mom's 9 siblings! When I was in high school I wanted to be like her. She was a bartender/manager at the Columbia Inn, the bar in town. She seemed to have so much fun all of the time! And she was/is as funny as hell 😄 She left Canal Flats for Calgary (the big City) and I wanted to follow her 🚗. And so I did. I graduated from D.T.S.S., the high school in Invermere, B.C. and couldn't get to Calgary fast enough!! I moved in with her and can only say 'what happened in Calgary, stays in Calgary'..... 😉. We had a freakin' blast!! She is still one of my favorite humans in the world. She lives out on the west coast with her friendly giant, Glen ❤️ and ONE day we WILL make it out to stay at their fishing camp. Promise Auntie! 🤞🏻

I think the Kim I'm talking about is Kim Smelski? And once again, I was super excited about Valentine's Day parties!!!! and skiiing!!!! ❤️ ➕ ⛷

Anyhew.... it's freeze-ass cold here today... -37. So you all can guess what I'm up to.. a lot of staying inside in my warm house and Netflix. Actually, if you have never seen the dance sequence that the "new" Wren from the "newer" footloose does, you should check it out. The song, Catch Hella Blues, from The White Stripes is one of my favorite running songs...

Gotta go chill out some more. 🤘🏻😜

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