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Dear Diary, April 30/85

Our school went on strike today. I did. CFCN was down at our school showing people that talked for our school. Then Tricia is staying over at the Hoob's and we invited them to supper. So I just went with Tricia. On Thursday we get a movie for the girls and the boys get a movie for them. Guess what? I am wearing make-up. Mom keeps telling me "you don't need it" but I want to wear it because every other girl in our class is. Well, another great day of Crystal Larson's.

Love Crystal

Good afternoon wonderful humans!

I grew up in the very small town of Canal Flats, British Columbia. We had two schools at the time. One was an elementary school and the other was a secondary school. When I wrote this entry, I was 13 and they were talking about closing our secondary school down, so we were striking. This meant that grade 8 and up (I think) would then have to go to Kimberley or to Invermere for the rest of our school years. I don't remember the details about the whole situation but our class was divided and it was kinda sad.... We all had been together since kindergarten and we were pretty close because there were only like 3 of us. JK...... there were 5. Seriously though I think there maybe were 15 of us? Anyways.. some of us went to Kimberley on the bus everyday and some of us went to Invermere on the bus everyday. And that was where all of paths changed. Of course, you connected with the friends who picked Kimberley or the ones that picked Invermere. We all still lived in the same town when we came home and got off the buses. It just was never was the same after we all split up.... AND....Something stupid happened and we ended up going to our new schools for a year and then we were told we had to go back to Canal Flats for grade 10. And then we went back to Invermere and Kimberley for grade 11 and 12. What a cluster fuck. BUT....

That is where I would meet one of my best friends whom is still my best friend!! Debbie Poopylou Lane. ❤️ Many shenaningan's were and continue to be had (even amidst the vid) with this crazy wonderful soul. More on her in future posts....

And I think my first dabbling's in make-up artistry were with a bright blue eyeliner 💙 and lining the inner rim of your eyelid took skill man. It was the 80's after all 🤷🏻‍♀️ And now I know what my Mom was saying to me was true because I told my girls the same thing when they wanted to wear make-up... "You don't need it" I think that is one of the ways we Mom's use to instill self confidence in our daughter's. 🤞🏻 we all hope that our daughter's love themselves without makeup right? And then any makeup that is applied to an already beautiful face is just for shits and giggles.

It's a short one today. Ken is out playing in the wind with his windyfriends 🪁 and it is quite sad because the sun is beaming down but the wind is making it too cold to sit outside. Netflix and skip-the-dishes it is!

K. Gotta go see what Utred is up to now. (The Last Kingdom). 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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