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💟Dear Blog, February 1, 2021💟

Now, I will never run out of journal entries to go to in the future!!! By making this a diary... get it?

How is everyone going today? This first day of February. What thoughts come up for you guys about February? Is it a lot of LOVE❤️❤️❤️?? Because it is widely considered to be the month to love. Especially on one particular day in February.

When I was a kid, I loved Valentine's Day.... we made little folders for all of the valentine's cards that people would drop in them, taped to the side of our desks. Always wondering if your crush at the time was going to put a Valentine that was a little more racy than everyone else's.... like not a valentine showing a little girl giving a puppy 🐶 a heart... I mean the scandalous valentine's that showed a girl and a boy kissing 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨! We would all wait in anticipation for our teacher to shut down the learning crap and get into the Valentine's day party time! The table would be covered in beautiful pink and red decorated cupcakes...cookies...brownies.... it was heaven. I especially want to make a shout out to Vivian's Momma... Her heart shaped Valentine's Day sugar cookies still make me so happy when I think of them. They were so delicious!! As the years went on.... in high school it turned into... roses 🌹, people could buy roses in secret and have them given to their "crushes" on Valentine's day. There are probably alot of issues that arise for people from this high school ritual. Looking back, I wished it was like Oprah's give-away day.... YOU get a rose, YOU get a rose.... and YOU get a rose!!! How many hearts would have dodged the pain of not getting a rose?

Are you all in love with February? Or are some of you just over it already? Life WTF is the big deal? I have heard that there are some people that despise Valentine's Day.... some rare sub-species of humans, somewhere...

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻, Ken and I will be able to go out somewhere on a date.... That is what we do.

Also, February means January is OVER. And for me..... January is a cold.........long.......blah month. February means, there is hope of warmer days ahead!!!! Even though the weather may not change much.... I still feel better in February?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ How bout you guys?

We may as well use the hype right? Because really, wouldn't it be great to show and receive love EVERYDAY? I know Valentine's "love" is geared more for lovers but, if there is already so much focus and attention around love (of any sort) why not use it? It's like, one of those days of the year that the majority of people are feeling more love than usual. Like Christmas Day. Spread the love! Let's make February 2021 POP with Love and Burst with LOVE! And for the people that struggle with their mental health on Valentine's Day... or any other day, we will show you love, we will hug you, hold you, listen to you.... we will show you that you are NOT alone.... you are loved. We are all one. We really, really are. Let's LOVE EACH other up! 😃❤️💟🤗


Gotta go hand wash some dishes 🧼 🤘🏻😜

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I call it heart month ❤️❤️ Glenn & I don’t do valentines he calls it a Hallmark holiday so that’s what we do nothing lol there’s a fun story behind it next time I see you I’ll tell you. Valentines is a stressful time for some people. But yes people should try to remember there are peeps out there for them they need to remember theres people like us that will just love them up. So keep your heart healthy happy 💖💖💖 Love ya



I so love that my mom’s Valentine’s Day cookies brought you joy. I’m going to share this post with her. I have carried in the tradition with my girls and their friends. (For Valentine’s Day and Christmas) and I hope they have brought that same joy 💗

love you and love your blog! Happy Day 1 of Love month 🥰


Happy LOVE MONTH my friend!!!! ❤️❤️

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