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Not shocking. It is snowing, gloomy, cloudy and it is -26 outside. I am sitting here in my warm house. Thankful that I have that. But my being silently knows and whispers to my brain.... let's go back. Let's go back to where we wake up to warm tile floors when we rise from our bed. Let's go back to opening the brilliant blue shutters to the sun drenched morning skies. To sitting on that not so comfortable chair on the balcony for our morning meditation. To listening to the men shout out in Spanish what fresh fruits and vegetables they have on their make-shift rickety old carts. To walking down the brilliant blue spiral staircase to go grab a cup of freshly made Columbian coffee. To greeting everyone with a genuine "hola, buenos dias" in the morning. To feeling the warmth on my skin from the moment I wake until the moment I wake the next day.

Yes, let's go back. Back to letting the day take us in whatever direction that meshed with our souls. Back to purposely using the time of the day to connect with our inner light. To exploring the streets of a crazily chaotic yet simple and quiet spot on this beautiful earth. To the smells of garlic in the air as we walked down those cobblestone streets. To the sensational music that is always on, everywhere you go and that makes you want to dance right where you stand. To the kindness of strangers that offered to share their drinks with us which led to hugs and kisses. To witnessing the connections between people that do not require an understanding of each others languages. To the sweetness of sitting somewhere with our love, Ken, watching the kaleidoscope of colors painting the sky as the sun set for the day. To the genuine softness of the days. To the gentle sway of life......

One day before my time is done here I hope to not have that whisper in my ear "let's go back" For that will mean that I am permanently somewhere that I don't yearn to go back to.

They say "be where your feet are". I am here. I. Am. Here. And no matter where these feet are I have a sense of gratitude for where they are. One thing that I learned from the many introspective moments on our trip was that it is ok to have goals. Having a goal or a yearning does not mean that I am being ungrateful for all that I have in the moment. It's kind of like a far away pinpoint light from a lighthouse. You can see it faintly and it is a guiding point. But I want to enjoy the yacht ride to that light. Laying in the sunshine on the front of the boat, sipping on deliciously pink rosé with my love by side.

So, where are my feet right now? At this moment they are tucked up underneath me in my favorite kitchen chair. My heart is calm. My being is calm. My family is healthy. I have everything.

Where are your feet?

Love you all 🫶🏻

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