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Dear Diary, Nov. 12/84

I did all of my Essay today. And all of my homework. I pigged out at grandma's tonight. We had my mom's birthday cake. My mom is 30 now. I got her a pair of earings. Dad got her a rose and some black boots and a fitness suit. Dennis got her a rose and Mary got her a glass box and a crystal Christmas tree ornament. Janet got her a napkin holder and a ring holder. Auntie Sandy got her all this stuff that you buy when you get older. They went out for supper and Uncle Lance ordered mom a birthday cake with a sparkler on top and men sing to her. Wow ah!


Good morning sunshines!!!

It's so cool to remember when my Mom turned 30. I remember the stuff that Auntie Sandy (who is my cousin Charmaine's Mom, my Mom's Aunt) sent in a box for my Mom.... you know the stuff we all use now. Like hemorrhoid cream.... I really didn't even know what that was used for. That is the product that stuck out for me and that I remember though 😂!!! Mom kept the box in our hallway closet. For some reason I thought she was hiding it from me so of course I was gonna snoop in it.

I think it's cool that I listed all of the presents that she got. Do you remember any of them Mom? Do you remember the "men" singing to you? And super cool that Uncle Lance ordered you a cake ❤️. My Uncle Lance is my Dad's little brother that passed away a few years ago. We all miss him very, very much.

Well, it is a drizzly, rainy spring day here in GP land. Ken is probably gonna go...... where? Any guesses? Kiting.. Why not though, nothing else to do on a day like today. I have no plans or engagements.

Man, I CANNOT WAIT for restaurants to reopen here. Bored AF.

What I'm gonna do is sit with the boredom and see where that goes. We shall see how long that lasts.....

Have a great day all of you!!

K. Gotta stay on hold with Manulife. 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻

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