Dear Blog, 🎬February 16, 2021🍿

Who else loves watching movies? 🙋🏻‍♀️. I am home today because my shift got cancelled. So I felt like watching a movie. What did I choose? King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, starring Charlie Hunnam. I just love everything about this movie. The actors/actresses, the music, the special effects, the storyline.... and bonus..King Arthur kinda looks like Ken 😉❤️

Growing up, how I watched movies changed... Does anyone remember those huge, disc-like things, they were about the size of a record jacket, a little bigger... and you could rent them from Tax Home Furnishers, in Cranbrook. It was so exciting for me when we would be in Cranbrook for groceries or whatever and Mom would stop in at Tax which meant it was movie time!!!!!!!! And to make it a perfect movie night, Mom would make the best popcorn ever 🍿🤤 We had a theatre in Cranbrook and one in Invermere. When we did go to the movies, we usually went to Invermere, from what I remember. The little theatre in Invermere, The Toby Theatre, was so amazing. It was tiny. It had red velvet chairs. And THE BEST PART.... their movies always had an intermission!!! So you could go grab more snacks... and go pee. It was such a treat.

A fun fact about me, I am a Star Wars lover. When I was 5 years old my Dad took me to see the very first Star Wars movie, in Invermere. We are a family of stuffed Widget's and we quote Yoda, well, Dad quotes Yoda 💚 We all love Star Wars, it's a "thing" that was passed down to my kids. Almost a prerequisite if you want to be a part of our little fam jam 😉. I just went through the whole series again the other day. There are just so many life lessons to be taught through those movies 🤘🏻. May the Force Be With You.

Want to know my all time favorite movie???? I will give you a hint.... You better not put me in a corner...

I wanted that outfit. I wanted her hair. I wanted her nose. I wanted her boyfriend. I wanted her self-confidence.

Well, 2 outta 5 ain't bad? Oh, but I did have her moves.... What 15 year old girl didn't want Johnny to pick her up out of the lake and make her fly like an eagle? Swoon....

When we moved up here, going to the movies was how I took time for myself. Adrienne and I probably saw more movies when the girls were little than there are stars in the sky. And I am that person who will go to the movie's alone because that is how much I enjoy the whole experience 🎥🥤🍿🍫 I am patiently waiting for the theaters to reopen 🥱 and you can bet that my ass is gonna be one of the first one's to sit in those chairs 😁

K. Gotta get back to my movie. 🤘🏻😝🤘🏻

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